The Freshest Beer In London

Tank Fresh™ has a zero or negative carbon footprint as it is produced, sold and consumed in the same place with no packaging required. It has no chemical additives making it vegan and vegetarian friendly. Unfiltered, unrefined and unadulterated; it provides the freshest tasting beer in London from grain to glass.

Our Beers

At Long Arm Worship Street, we create modern beers with tradition in mind. We’re an honest brewery; no cutting corners, no cheating and we’re unforgiving when it comes to the quality of our beers and the ingredients that go into them. We have a core range of four cracking beers alongside seasonal specials that we’re hugely proud of. These are not niche beers for die hard craft beer enthusiasts only – we get just as much satisfaction, if not more, from converting the lifelong lager drinkers as we do from impressing the experts.